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english pages online!


welcome to our web site.
You will find simple pages giving you a rapid viewing experience,
without extensive graphics, flashes or other "special effects".

We are not interested in profiling ourselves or the company
through an overdesigned or "flashy" website. In accordance with
our company philosophy and our aims, we prefer to gain
satisfaction from excellent customer service. We are aware of the
fact that we are ultimately spending the money of our paying
customers by having an expensive website.

We hope that we have given you an instrument with which you can
inform yourself sufficiently and get in touch with us easily.

Kind regards, Walter Ulmke.


Dipl.-Ing. Walter Ulmke · Ahornstrasse 3 · 48496 Hopsten/Germany · Telefon +49/5458/933450 · Telefax +49/5458/9334545 ·